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Duck Life

Explore the game Duck Life

Duck Life is an extremely engaging skill game. Your task in the game is to accumulate points from small levels to buy food and make your duck special.

Basic games

The game offers three basic challenges in succession: running, swimming, and flying for you to choose from. If you wish to compete with other players, I recommend mastering all three of these games. Each game has different gameplay and rules. For example, in the running game, you must jump over rolling boulders and collect energy orbs along the way. If you feel excited about jumping games, you can try the Geometry Dash Bloodbath game suggested here. Next, when switching to the swimming stage, you need to swim through obstacles on the water. Energy balls are appearing in the water so dive down to collect them. In the running and swimming games, you won't need energy, but in the flying section, energy is required. You'll fly and collect energy orbs until you run out of energy. Each game provides unique experiences, so don't miss out on any of the stages in Duck Life.

Accumulating Energy

In the game, energy is the food that you purchase after completing games like running, swimming, and flying. In each game, you will collect energy orbs, striving to control your duck to gather as many energy orbs as possible.

Key Features of Duck Life

Simple Graphics

Unlike other games, Duck Life features straightforward graphics. As you can see, the ducks in the game are created with basic strokes but still maintain the cuteness of ducklings. The game environment is designed to match each gameplay. In the running stage, you'll see a hilly landscape dominated by shades of green. These colors provide a delightful backdrop for the duckling's race. Next is the swimming stage. The color palette here focuses on the blue of the sea. With a refreshing, cool color scheme, it creates a vibrant and energetic gaming space. Lastly, the flying stage introduces new sky, land, and hill colors. The harmonious blend of colors in this game is sure to bring you endless joy. Start playing the game and enjoy this fascinating graphic environment now!

Improve achievements

You can participate in races to improve your performance. These races will include all three skills: running, swimming, and flying, or you can race each skill separately. To achieve a high score, you need to level up your duck. Especially, your duck must have enough energy to participate in these races. Take care of your duck and become the most skilled and energetic duck.

Easy Gameplay

  • Click the mouse to jump.
  • Move the mouse to fly up or down.
  • Use the arrow keys to jump, dive, and swim quickly.