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Dinosaur Game


The Origin of Dinosaur Game

Dinosaur Game is an endless running game featuring simple 2D pixel graphics. Running the furthest distance without colliding with cactuses is your goal.

It is possible to say that this is the most famous game of Google. Traced back to 2014, this game was created by a Google Chrome engineer named Edward Jung. The game was developed as a clever solution to entertain users during instances of internet downtime or connection disruptions. The game was a black and white endless runner featuring a T-Rex dinosaur character. In spite of its simple controls and gameplay, this game has great appeal when receiving positive responses from users. If you are also a big fan of this game and Geometry Dash Bloodbath, you should try it out now on our web browser!

Thrilling Journey in Dinosaur Game

As the dinosaur runs through the desert, the score constantly increases. You are motivated to aim for the highest possible score by running the furthest distance. This element of competition adds an exciting challenge to the game. The desert is fraught with dangers that can halt the dinosaur's journey. You must exercise caution and utilize quick reflexes to jump or duck in time to evade obstacles.

Hazards along the way

There are two dangers that you must take caution.

Cactuses: The first one is the cactuses. Cactuses are common plants in the desert, and you will encounter both individual cactuses and cactus bushes. Care must be taken to avoid crashing into the cactus bushes, as mistiming jumps can lead to collisions. You must exhibit precise timing and spatial awareness to navigate past these prickly obstacles unscathed.

Pterodactyls: The second one is pterodactyl. The only animals that pose a threat in the desert are pterodactyls. These flying creatures approach from different heights, creating a dynamic challenge for you. To avoid colliding with them, you must time your jumps or ducks appropriately. The ability to anticipate the movements of these aerial threats is crucial to survival in the game.

By mastering these movements, you can overcome the challenges and continue your adventure. With each passing moment, the dinosaur's speed gradually increases, intensifying the gameplay. This speed increment poses an additional challenge, as you must rely on your quick reflexes, agile fingers, sharp eyes, and concentrated focus to adapt to the increasing speed. The game offers an opportunity to enhance reaction times and improve hand-eye coordination.

How to control

Press the spacebar to start the game.

Press the spacebar or an up arrow key or W to jump.